7 Secrets for Professional SEO Article Writers

For promoting online PR services and social media management, SEO blogs and articles are the obvious important thing. Posting regularly on your website is considered to be the easiest method for introducing brand to your customers or clients. Normally, 40 search engine optimization blogs are written by a website per week, including all landing pages that help to drive traffic to any website.

It is not the right way to just chuck with a lot of words on any page and then, expect the people to come to your website. Obviously, the accurate way to make visit to your website is having the knowledge of building a website, but to build it in the right way is also necessary.

Check out these tips for making your search engine optimization articles, more professional.

  1. Focus on the right keywords:

Make sure to use the right keyword for your website for the content. For this, you must know the right keyword people search for and make an effective keyword spreadsheet. The density of keyword should not be ignored for getting the effective result. Keyword tools may be helpful for finding the ranking of your target keywords.

  1. Don’t just juggle with the keywords:

Dumping your target keyword is not enough and is not needed by your customer. Or one can make the mistake of just writing nonsense in the content. Your customer doesn’t want to have a bunch of words only. Your prospective customer search for the target keyword, but also want a meaningful copy to get more knowledge about it. So, your SEO copy should have such keywords used that make sense when your customer read them. The best way is to include keywords in the first 300 words of content. Title of the page must have the target keyword. Once, you will get succeed by this trick, you will get more clicks on your SEO blogs or articles.

  1. Make it long enough to count:

Make sure your content has a proper word count. The content of having minimum 600 to 700 words gets preference of your user. However, if you want to engage your user, you must have 1000 words in your copy. For getting more effective results, you will see 1200 to 1500 words in the popular blogs.

Since, longer content means you are giving more value to your customers and hence, will have  lower chances of a bounce back. The key point to remember is to only add fresh content to your website, otherwise your word count doesn’t mean anything to your user.

  1. Write about something people care about:

Remember, you are not writing for just Google algorithm, you write for people. So, to give value to people is the thing they want from you. Before starting any writing, ask yourself if it really beneficial for someone? The content becomes failed when it is being written without any reason, with no strategy and planning. You must have something to sale out and that selling must be unique. Additionally, it will get high attention when it has any offer or service or the product that differentiate from others. The knowledge or information you will share through your content will not be found anywhere else.

To do all this, one must have a deep knowledge of business and  about the products they are promoting. Check out the list of your keywords or links that can help in writing the SEO content for your company. Share your content through social channels may be the best thing you can do for increasing your network.

  1. Regularly Watch your analytics:

Throwing more and more content that is SEO driven is not enough. Foe getting timely outcomes, one must watch the Google analytics thoroughly. Familiarization with the bounce rate, time on site and pages per session is all necessary for the content than the density of keywords. If bounce rate is high, it means your visitors don’t like to stay longer on your pages. Likely, it has also chances that your page is not optimized properly.

Words have no use if they are not suited to the design of the website. So, coordination of SEO writers with the designers is necessary. People get irritated by too much pop-ups showing again and again. You must have an idea how your visitors see your words.

  1. Proofread your work:

SEO writers must have a sharp eye to edit his work. Normally, Google Docs and Microsoft Word have  made it easy, but some undeliberate mistakes are done, which must be corrected by the writer himself after proofreading.  Besides that, formatting should be also given equal importance.

Having another person that can proofread is always a good choice. As, detection of others mistakes is the easiest task.

  1. Become your own online PR agency:

A well-written content that is been posted is half the work done only. Actual work starts when you link your content to different places and by acting as your online PR agency. Link it back Back to your website. As, social media management and web content writing go hand in hand.  Furthermore, you can submit it on StumbleUpon and Reddit.


In present days, SEO content writing is not just putting keywords in the content. One must be enough intelligent to understand the evolving features of the website. Also, it has become important to hire a professional SEO writer for the growth of your business.

10 Essential Tips for Improving Your Website Design

Your website opens up all to the visitors in the 5 second, they landed on your website. What is the nature of your business? Do users easily navigate to the blog they want? And, Is the price layout, easy to understand?This is the alarming situation, if the answer to these questions are ‘No’ and it is a time to take a hard look at your best web design , and to optimize your website.

To excel your website is simple and easy, that is the designing and the content. It would  succeed only, if your website design has compatibility to the content and when it is exactly fed into your website’s functionality and user experience. Your website must deliver the core concerns your audience wants from you like what you are doing, to whom you are doing for it and why you are doing.

To make your business great, it needs to know what can improve your web designing?

Below are 08 website tips to make it sure that you are going in the right way, and to assure that you are not turning your visitors away.

  1. Have a Plan:

Making a plan before designing your website is crucial. Just start the designing without having a plan on it, will not result effectively. The buyer’s journey from visiting to your website to become a customer, must be mapped out by you.

Getting knowledge about all important things, like what pages they will review, what type of content they want to read and the importantly, what offers are they going to convert on with your website is all, what is important to understand for nurturing sales funnel.

The designing of your website needs the next step, not the final step. So, map out your strategy by knowing about your customers about how they become a customer from just a visitor.

  1. Remove Unnecessary Elements From The Website:

Make your website simple and easy to understand by just removing the unnecessary elements from the website. Or we can say the things that can devalue your message, you are trying to convey actually. This includes, complicated animations, stocky website images and the content that is too long.

The First impression is the last impression, is not the obselete proverb. Make your website so lastly that, you can make your visitors, your customers by having their attention span of mere 5 seconds. The applicable photographs and the powerful sections of content, can make all this done perfectly.

Furtrhermore, avoid such words like innovative, robust, integrated and much more like this, that are used by thousands of companies, it will not going to be appealing to your visitors.

  1. Social Sharing and Follow Button Is a Must Have:

You have seen the small buttons appearing on the top or bottom of the blog posts. The icons represent different social media platforms to share the blog post on them.

Your content is not worthy, if your user does not have the opportunity to share it on social media. In fact, you are missing out a lot of social media traffic. Likewise, having the follow button may also increase your traffic.

  1. Implement Calls-to-Action

Once your visitors land on your site, they don’t know what to do next? They won’t know what pages to view or actions to take if you don’t provide them with some sort of direction.

Provide your visitors a direction to become your customers. And, for this Call-to-action button is the significant element. Go through to the pages of your website, and if you find missing any proper demo or call to action, update it.

Once, they identify your material as a solution of their problems, they will find it more comfortable to get your services.

  1. Use Appropriate Images:

Don’t use the stocky images that are not conveying your message. Rather, the image of your business is getting demolished. Try to use images that are real, like of those people who are really working at your office and the office itself.

This will evoke trust of your visitors in your company, and your website will look more genuine. If it seems difficult to use the real images, for a definite reason, there is still many options you can use. But, make sure these images are compatible with your brand.

  1. Navigation:

Navigation is the key to success, when you are designing your website. The map that displays the core places for users to visit.

The website is considered to be very confusing and disorganized, if it has wrong navigation. So, make it easy for the user to find exactly, what he is looking for on your website. It is important, because obviously when user will not find what he is seeking for, he will not stay on your website, and will definitely go for a better user experience.

  1. Design with visual hierarchy in mind:

The technology is continuing to evolve. From computer screens, to smartphones, the technology of displaying information has been changed. So, it is the designer’s job to arrange and assemble all the content properly.

All you need is to make a clear hierarchy about the information, you want to display to your visitors. Make them worthy their attention spam by including attractive colors, size, contrast and spacing effectively. Provided with all these, your website will become a clear and attractive place for your visitors.

  1. Connect Your Visitors To Home Page:

Get your visitors to home Page, where you have defined each and every thing accurately. The sections must have proper areas that can welcome them to a a seamless experience. These sections may be, some of the most crucial elements of your website which includes, Product Features, Overview of Services, Intro Video, Testimonials, About Us Page, Case Studies and Resources.

In Summation:

Web design has an important aspect of inspiration in it. Don’t stop looking for the inspiration. Also, the knowledge is important for knowing what is possible and in what ways. Else, find the best place to look for the amazing web building platform.

Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Logo Design Services With These 07 Tips.

These Common Logo Design Oversights May Be Making Your Business Look Amateur.

Perhaps you might be one of those entrepreneurs who are planning to have a new logo for their business or you already have a ‘design’ ready with you for your venture. A logo is one of the most valuable investment for your business that determines its success but many of the businesses don’t realize this fact and often commit blunders in this phase. Making your online logo design look like an amateur means your business is amateur too.

The best and foremost practice to overcome this thing is to hire a competent designer or some reliable agency for your logo to look professional by every means. Only industry designers know how to craft a memorable and flexible-looking online logo design that can add long-term value. The hard part is that there exists a lot of designers who frame themselves as the most polished and experienced ones but in reality, they don’t even know the ABC behind logo design. What’s worse is that you being a client, get trap into sugary talks of these designers and spend a lot of time on these red flags. Below are the doubts you need to look for:

1)   The Logo Is Too Busy

For a designer, the most challenging task is to achieve simplicity within a logo.

The most common fear and doubt that a logo portrays is the impression of being ‘busy’-i.e, too much of things are going on simultaneously when it comes to close evaluation.

We aren’t discouraging the fact that too many elements won’t look ‘great’ together within a logo but just keep the ‘tempting’ part aside for now, you don’t need to ‘include’ every single concept in your logo. A general and decent rule of thumb is to play around a maximum of two ideas per variation and also, it’s recommended not to combine a logo with any strong visual elements in the typeface.

Splitting up a logo is always a good idea, if it’s looking ‘less’ busy but ‘not’  visually appealing then, let it go  for now:)

2) The Logo Does Not Scale Or Print Well

Designers often come up with logos that though, looks beautiful off-screen but when it comes to on-screen, they lose their scalability when printed on smaller sizes or with digital materials. Logos that are crafted through fine lines in close proximity will always look blur when printed over small sizes. In addition to this, closed shapes having ‘zero’ or less-negative space (empty space) don’t scale down well too.

3) The Logo Is Not Compactible

It’s 2018 and by now you must have got enough of the awareness about social media and its value for your business.  Your logo needs to look ‘socially’ good as well across social channels like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and so on. Think about how your logo would look across the Facebook’s square profile picture or within that Twitter’s circle.  Analyzing these things could help you make your logo better in every perspective.

4) The Logo Does Not Use An Appropriate Font

When it comes to a complete logo design then, it’s a combination of two things- colors and the font style. For a logo, a font is like everything that could make it get notice in front of the target audience & on screen as well. There are certain logos that use texts only and are known as ‘wordmarks’.

Though choosing a font might seem tricky to new designers and with a lot of concerns associated but just to simplify, we would like to mention only two:

– First, does your font comply with your overall brand?  For instance, if you are an IT company then a font like, Sans Serif font rather than Serif would work more for you for that cutting-edge look.

– Second, does the font style matches with the logomark? Play with some mix of decent fonts and try to have a new combination.

5) The Logo Is Not Unique

To make a logo unique is the real art. Simple logos can be made memorable and effective in few ways: One is to do exceptional branding across online and offline channels just like, Apple does.

Another way is to instill that ‘wow’ factor or ‘an ah-ha’ factor (deep meaning) in your logo just like, Fed Ex does. The creativity is all yours.

6) The Logo Does Not Work As Part of An Identity System

Be mindful of the fact that your logo must have the power to be a backbone for your business and visual identity systems. It should take care of your digital presence, marketing collaterals, iconography, culture and values & much more. Only a clever designed logo fulfill the above aims & can inspire the design systems.

A classic example is this regard is of Pentagram’s rebranding of MIT Media lab with such a simple yet powerful logo talking beautifully across multiple mediums.  Think of it- Does your logo is such flexible enough potentially?

7) The Logo Does Not Suit Your Brand

You must have heard of the saying “Your logo is the ultimate face of your business “and it’s true. No matter how beautiful your logo is, it’s just one piece of your brand – if it’s not aligned with your brand or is off-brand. Still, it will give out a negative impression.


We know that there are plenty of great logos worldwide that are unconventionally created and don’t follow any fears or doubts and ifs and buts but that’s okay, they are still the best! These logos are masterminds of professional logo designers. But for those who lacks budget and time to hire any proper design agency or a perfecto designer, we are damn hopeful that the post above must be of great help to those.

Best logo design Service can give you a guaranteed custom logo design identity to compete for years.

Thanks for reading J…

The 10 Common Myths To Ignore Forever For Your Business Logo.

If logos could speak, this is what they’d probably say to most of their owners — and designers alike. Undoubtedly, there is no any other design format that is misunderstood than a ‘logo’ design where every designer has its own sets of rights and wrongs and none of them seems to be working. Let us introduce top ten most common corporate logo design  mistakes to be aware of and resist at every cost:

1. A Logo Design Has To Reflect What The Company Does

This is what you must be able to understand being an entrepreneur. Your logo is simply a way to make your brand get identified out of those thousands of brands standing in the market –not a story-teller!

Just like a country’s flag whose purpose is to make a specific region standout of the crowd, a business logo exactly serves the same mission. Nothing more, nothing less.

2. A Logo Must Include A Symbol

This is not a rule of thumb to follow every time. Some of the most popular brands doesn’t carry any symbol in their logo, but simply well-crafted letter marks.

But this doesn’t mean to omit symbols from scratch out of your logos. Sometimes a symbol can make a company sky-high in terms of recognition like, Apple, Pepsi and many more. Other times, symbols can simply be distracting for customers- just like the semitransparent blue square in the late GAP logo. So, the trick is to use symbol only if you find necessary to represent any of your corporate elements else, try your best to go with some alternative typographical solutions.

.3. A Logo Has To Follow Its Established Industry Style

Well, if you want something boredom or dread for your start-up logo then you are more than welcome to stick away with this rule. Just like happens in the case of real estate and fashion industries where, 09 out of 10 companies follows trends of more replication and less imagination.

Though every industry has certain set rules and expectations that are acceptable when it comes to logo design but for companies starting out, to look replicated and unoriginal could be the biggest dark shadow.  Be bold to break the rules off with a killer logo design that looks truly exceptional.

4. A Logo Has To Be “Timeless”

You must have heard this punch line so many time that you might wonder is there a time machine about to invent for this. You cannot create time less logo within weeks but you need to make sure that it must not be based upon traditional swooshes or fancy treatments to last longer.

Logos also carry age like others and to keep them young as always, a plastic surgery is needed from time to time to make them look trendier and less old-fashioned. So don’t embark your efforts in shaping up a timeless logo but rather create something that works now and then there will be whole life to improve it later.

5. A Logo Has To Be Likable

Your corporate logo doesn’t need to look like an eye candy but rather should reflect a unique proposition that can be associated with the culture and values of the company.

No matter whether customers like or dislike your logo design, it has nothing to do with how they perceive your brand.

Consider this:

  • London Olympics is one of the ugliest logo of history but is the most popular one too, when it comes to sports event.

 6. Logo design is EASY

This is the biggest mistake that 99% of graphic designers make. No job is easy in this world unless it’s owned. Graphic designers put their heart and soul in designing that one logo that we like or dislike within faction of seconds with more attention to detail and time-consumption required on the part of designer. It’s time to hire a professional logo designer for your custom logo design.

7.  DO NOT need professional logo designer. I can spend that money on better things!

The most funniest and self-obsessed myth! If everyone could have design corporate logos then there won’t be any concept of graphic designers pulling out dollars with a mere design & none any post graphic design diplomas or short courses. Only a professional graphic designer knows the ins and outs of corporate logo design and not an amateur.

8. ANY Kind Of Logo Can Work For My Company!

Well, if you want to save your money but not your company then this is the myth right to be followed, but we value logo designs that compliments. You cannot pick any logo for your company because it has certain set of values. Also, you cannot be a copycat because of copy right reasons.  Designing a logo that is too much generic can make your audience make you forget easily as they won’t find anything new to associate because people imagine you in your logo! Don’t worry, you‘ll realize this soon.

 9. With the perfect logo, customers will come flooding in.

It sounds like LOLX!!

A logo isn’t perfect unless it has the power to attract customers. Your logo might seems perfect to you but not for your audience and this is where you are at mistake. Try converting your logo into a selling one with focus on marketing and customer service since logo is just a visual representation not a buy-1-get-1 free offer!

10. Your Logo Is Standing In The Way Of Your Success.

Not to get offended but it’s a reality (if we haven’t already). Your logo doesn’t hinder your success but it’s you, yourself. Stop focusing all of your efforts in time in perfecting your logo if you are doing so then you are taking the shift away from more important thing, i.e., selling.

Did You Know These 05 Outrageous Ideas For Your Logo Design Before?

A good logo design isn’t a one man’s show. A lot of efforts & pre-knowledge is required to get your dream custom logo on air. An online logo designidentity can express thousand words to audience and is the most noticeable elements of your brand identity systems .It’s the only emotional bond with your target audience that is hard to break once made.

Logo design and branding goes side by side and exerts a mutual dominance over the decision making process as per a study performed by Psychological Science. If designed creatively and imaginatively, it can take your brand beyond next level where you don’t need extra promotional efforts to promote your brand among your prospective customers at every touch point. Agree or not, the very first thing that eye-catches your audience attention is your logo – since, it’s the overall virtual representation of your brand identity and value systems.

Therefore, marketers must need to be extra-smart to make their logos as exemplary enough to build that everlasting impression on customer minds and hearts since they don’t have any shortage of brands to get loyal with!

Some of the top businesses today are able to devise such a strong logo design that can smoothly make them standout of the crowd. If you want to be an entrepreneur or marketer alike, then listen to our top 05 exciting tips for your next enthralling logo design:

1. Know How To Outperform Competitors

You cannot outperform your competitors unless you’ll be unique and smart. For this purpose, the role of research comes into play: investigating current market trends, preferences of target market, elements that are source of inspirations, what’s in, what’s out. All of these factors helps largely in crafting a timeless logo design.

While looking at other business logo designs , try to figure out what makes them so stand out and identify potential gaps that you can work out within you own logo design. In order to make your logo design compelling & competitive, you need to be sure at every step that your logo concept surpasses your rivals and industry as a whole.

There is no harm in opting for some funny, unusual modern typography within your logo design as afar as fits your corporate brand positioning. The only end key is to think creatively and differently.

 2. Elucidate Your Brand Personality

Your logo is the ultimate face of your brand and your end goal is to precisely deliver your brand personality via it & this can’t be accomplished unless you understand your core brand personality.

You need to have a crystal clear idea about your points of differentiation and points of parity in relation to the essence of your brand. With a firm knowledge about the personality of your brand, you can cleverly choose a logo design that can complement with your brand.

It is undoubtedly true that your end-goal is precisely to communicate your brand personality from your logo which can be accomplished through comprehending what your brand core personality is. You need to have a clear idea about of what makes you peculiar from others and what is the core essence of your brand. With profound knowledge about your brand, you can deftly choose a logo design that harmonizes with your brand.

For a more in-depth understanding about your brand, try to get insights for the questions below:

  • What is the mission behind launching this brand?
  • What beliefs and values you have planned to instill within your audience?
  • Which attributes set us apart from the aggressive competition?
  • What unique offerings can make us noteworthy?

Ask yourself and once after you get all the answers from your inner voice then, go ahead for the solution that only a remarkable logo design can give you.

3. Be Unique

The more your logo makes people forget about the other brands of the industry, the greater recall rate it enjoys and the superior & eccentric would it be in terms of unique visual elements. The end-goal is to give your industry and people a comprehensive logo design that can give you an edge over your competitors and for that, a new concept from scratch is required.

Consequently, if you bring something into the market that your audience might haven’t seen before then nobody on earth  can stop them from being loyal to you. Many brands still find it difficult to fight for their brand positioning in the absence of a ‘memorable’ logo.

The thing is that a professional logo build the foundation of survival for brands today and in order to stay loud in the crowd, a custom logo design with that ‘wow impression’ is a prerequisite.

4. Pay Heed to Color You Select

Selection of colors forms the ‘crux’ for your qualified logo design. You can be a ‘marvel’ or conversely, a disaster unless you don’t know how to play cleverly with the art of color psychology. It’s your logo colors actually that can make it get noticed in front out of those millions of logo designs prevailing in the market across day and night, highlights your brand’s core strengths and help audience in developing meaningful associations with it .

5. Communicate Effectively With Your Designer

The last but not the least thing is to face your designer. Effective communication & a post- briefing is essential to keep both the loops in your hands and if you want to exactly get ‘something’ from your designer or some trustworthy custom logo design company, for which you are dreaming day and night.

Conduct as many meeting as possible with you designer once you are done with your best hire and try to communicate the smallest of your specification to him so, in the end he won’t backfire the blame upon you . Also, if your designer will gets a complete file of instructions to follow, then it won’t be difficult for him to smoothly design an error-free professional logo design for your business.

Let’s Learn Loud The Five Commandments Of Modern Logo Design.

This is something really important that you must need to know!

“Approximately 93 percent of the most popular logos in the world enjoys a simplified and stylised appearance with most of the ideas being minimalist and clean. “

professional logo design is a term that still stands dominant today as it used to be like decades before. Though it has taken many revolutions and subtractions at the same time for a revolt but, its power cannot be denied for businesses to grow memorable today.

No matter how modern branding goes, the essence of online logo design is still most recognized and significant to survive and get identified out of trillions of brands that shape in every day. Present-day logo design has its rules & charms and our blog post today talks about what tips you can follow to make your logo as one of the most modern icon of recent times.

Let’s begin with:

1. To be Trendy, Fire the ‘Trends’!

Well, this may sound offensive and funny to you, but you but need to believe this if you want to have an outclass logo design identity for your business. A trendy logo must need to look modern as well and a modern design is always clean and minimalist. This is something you need to keep hammering upon your designer’s head repetitively because in the end, you don’t want a high-end, stylish logo appearance but a long-term and meaningful brand representative that can share your story with your audience.

Adhering stick to certain color palates or fads hot right now won’t give you a promising visual identity that your business requires and will lose its essence once expired.

A meaningful logo comparatively is the one that can arise emotions and associations within the targeted masses to elicit positive buying responses and core brand representation.

2. Keep It Simple!

The design world is now being bombarded with more digital concepts and virtual simulations to inspire the next-gen designers. Agreed. But ‘simplicity’ is something that still remains the game changer. The more a professional logo design is simplistic, the greater retention it will enjoy from potential customers. Just think about the amazing appeal of IBM.

A modern logo design can never be undermine either overdrawn. In fact, it’s good to have some stylized visuals added into the logo design to allure its charm. But at the same time, simplicity must not need to be overlooked as your primary goal.

The magic a decent and simple logo can play is hard to expect from a modern, vector logo which has got everything to do with style and not your corporate branding. Focusing on minimalism and abstract design won’t help audience in connecting with your brand‘s virtual representation.

3. Choose the Right Font

Remember the font-color theory for your online logo design. Your logo needs to look exactly alike across all the print mediums and materials (like, letterhead, business cards, corporate stationary etc.) & on your website, yes! What if you chose a font size that won’t be legible enough to read loud for your audience… They won’t ever look back to your logo! Dreadful, isn’t it?..

Choosing a complimentary font style and size is the job that only an intellectual designer can perform by understanding the part that how well it can be linked with your corporate collaterals and business values, as well.

The most standard font style is Sans-Serif that looks more serious and sophisticated for custom business logo design. Avoid hand-written or gothic fonts at any cost unless they promise an ideal representation for your brand positioning since, they are the most unfriendly fonts for audience eyes & could lead to confusion & cannibalization more.

In short, if you really want your audience to get involve with your brand message and feel motivated to take actions then you must opt for a simple font style and size.

4. Be Original!

With plenty of inspirations and exemplary online for the designers to follow and inspire, it may be difficult at times to be that one and only, exclusive one. Rather, chances are that you trap into the flare of the designs that you like and the patters that they follow either they go with your brand or not.

Our top tip is to leave popular logos aside from your dictionary! A replica or a first copy never gets the same impression or value that an original yet simple idea enjoys.

So, stop your hunt for seeking some popular logo and then manipulating it in your own way. It won’t still looks original! Bring your own, creative & original logo concept no matter how weird it might seem initially, would still be yours trademark of dedication.

5. Personality Counts More than Ever!

Today’s digital world has given empowerment to customers in a way that they can chose to go with a brand of their own choice and at the same time, can discard the other one permanently. Customers today are very informative and can affect your branding greatly- positively or negatively. This doesn’t mean that Traditional Marketing has become extinct. It does exist but its prominence is gradually declining every single day with more inbound marketing campaigns taking the lead as indicated by some marketing experts.

To impress your audience, an emotional response is required to make them decision-oriented because people today wants to build relationship with your brands and the personality of your logo can strengthen this relationship by the help of some reliable custom logo design services.

10 Mistakes Logo Designers Should Avoid

No matter, if you are designing a logo from the start, or are in the middle of the process, the time is to rethink about your visual identity, so as to avoid the common mistakes, you are doing unintentionally.Custom logo design is not a sole concern. Its creation is actually a part of the larger process of brand design. It all depends on an effective communication strategy and a strong value creation. However, by following some simple rules, one can prevent from these mistakes that can escape the rest of brand from such unintentional mistakes.

Take a look at these 10 most common logo design mistakes, that are the summary of our experienced designers.

1. Making Your Logo Inflexible To All Channels:

Not each logo is compatible to all channels. Your logo is for a lifetime, and if it is not flexible, it could not represent your brand effectively. Make your logo effective in all regards, such that it complement all assets that are considered in all aspects including, size, color and proportion. As, the logo is for life time encountered. The thing needed is making it with a mindset that can fit in all horizontal, square and vertical spaces.

2. Take a Look At Your Black And White Logo:

No doubt, colors like black, white or gray are considered to be classy. Using them in your logo may be bad for you in the sense that it may be unclear to the visitors. Ensure that core elements are visible or not, while using these colors in your logo. A professional designer will always tell you this point, before starting the work with you. The issue is related to flexibility. Your brand also has to face the difficulty, because these colors are commonly used on the receipts, invoices or in copies by various other brands.

3. Don’t Copy Others:

Taking inspiration from other brand logos is right, but it is of no use to make comparison with them, and to create a logo design that is similar to their brand. It is totally a misconception. And, will create only confusion among your visitors. There must be a crucial analysis to see, if your logo does not look like other company’s logos. Remember, you can’t take the place of the big brands of which you want to use their logo designs. Moreover, it is an offense too.

Now, one can argue that how it is possible to analyze each and every brand. You only need to check out those brands, which have the same products and service offerings as you have. So, that you can come up with some unique things, which will make it sure that you are not missing any red flag.

4. Make Sure Your Logo Is Not Offensive:

It is the era of social media, which spread everything in minutes. In case, some people get affected by your logo or feel some discrimination, you would affect badly. Obviously, it is not possible to please each and every visitor, but the efforts must be made to minimize the maximum offense or to avoid the open and intentional faults. Logos are symbols that create associations, and people may take them a silent message for them.  So, careful evaluation is necessary before making a logo.

5. Don’t Forget About The Language Of Colors:

Colors have the language too. Your logo will go into the world on different channels, like screens, plastics, fabrics and many other mediums. As a professional designer, it must be your utmost skill to use such colors in custom logo design, that can complement all of the channels and that can set the uniformity of your brand as a graphic. Thus, to take care of the color equivalencies is a must.

6. Your Logo Must Have a Defined Meaning:

You are working for creating your logo for time, and has invested many efforts and ideas for getting up a meaningful logo. But, all in vain because of not looking it with a keen eye. Here, keen eye means looking it with your target audience’s eye. Professional designers always recommend to have a look of third eye at your logo before launching it. So, make your habit of testing visual identity of your brand.

7. Your Logo Must Not Visually Detach from Your Product:

The core function of your logo is to identify your products or services in a marketplace. Obviously, it is noteworthy to have a perfect compatibility with your product. The products may be different in different businesses, but there must be an artistic look in your product or offerings. The experience has shown that different products tend to use different imagery look. So, don’t make the mistake of detaching your visual style that your audience wants to associate with your product.

8. Don’t Focus Too Much On Trends:

Trends come and go and for a short period of time. Your brand is not for a short period. So, have a only focus on them will lead you to total rejection of your target audience. Furthermore, they can leave your brand with a time-sensitive that may be bright today, but will lose steam quickly.

9. Check If Your Logo Is Not Conveying The Right Emotions:

To have a look at the emotions of a logo is as important is, maintaining its visual identity. Every product has associated emotions with the product. For example, customers have different emotions while buying an outfit, while choosing food for them, they will have a completely emotions. Likewise, they will not have the same emotions, when they are taking some bank service. Evoking right emotions in them, means you have well done. The emotions of calm, security and reassurance will automatically evoke. So, figuring out the right emotion, and then amalgamate them in your product, so as to create a perfect identity.

10. Don’t Avoid The Inscalable Logo Files:

All efforts will go in vain, if your logo file is not scalable to custom logo design. It is the worst nightmare to any designer, when the files seem unprofessional and pixelated. For getting the purpose, the logo must be created in a vectorial artwork. This is important, because vector files expand and shrink to the original designs easily. The added benefit is that the quality of design is not affected.

Creating logo is an important discipline, and must not be over-complicated. Avoiding these unintentional mistakes and with good intentions, one can change its visitors into target customers easily and can help out in growing business, when dealing with logo design services.

07 Tips for Getting Started on a Web Design Project

Web site design projects need a constant learning and development for going into the faster way. First of all, goal identification is mandatory to learn. Then comes sitemap, scope definition, content creation, Wire frame creation, UI design and testing the web site, all are the important elements in the web design process. So, before learning or starting on a new project of web design services in pakistan, the thing to keep in mind is some tips.

If you have your game plan ready for making a web site. This article is going to point you in the right direction.

1. Manage The Expectations Of The Client:

For this, first of all, you must be aware of all needs of the client. Yours projects will be successful, only if it meets the client’s requirements fully. It is really worse to hear, especially in the between of project that you are not fulfilling your client’s needs.

So, a list of questions has been made that will be definitely helpful for you for your initial communication with the client.

  1. What they want to get with that Web site?
  2. How this website will be helpful for their business?
  3. How they measure the success of their website?
  4. To what extent, this website is essential for their business. Like, do they just want to give information to their clients, do they want to extend their brand or is this a side project?
  5. What type of audience, they want to cover?

Attach the answer of these questions with the contract of the project. Not a lengthy process. But, will save the future pop ups of queries.

2. Know About Their Defined Goal:

Seems correlated with the first one. Obviously, it is important to know the ultimate goal of any  website, if you want the best web design services. Also, it should be defined, measured and achievable to you and your client. The good example of  the words used may be:

  • Clearly defined means, you are aware of the purpose of the website completely.
  • Measurable means, you are known that how much sales etc, it will bring to the business. While,
  • Achievable means, it must bring out sales, in a month.

And, the most important among all is knowing the main goal.

3. Think Audience First, and Solve a Specific Problem:

Goals are for the purpose of knowing, what your client wants from you. But, a successful website has must a point of problem solving of audience of the website. The audience will stay on your website, if they find their problem solving on your platform.

For Example, This website is offering all Mobile accessories to people. Now, the line is clearly showing the message and the goal of the website. And so, one can convert their visitors to customers, because of creating a user experience and the navigations, by focusing on the audience requirements.

4. Beautify Your Website With Quality Content:

The famous saying of John Maeda is, “Spray-on your design with content”.

Content is king. Presentation of good content is essential, for the website beauty. One must be sharp enough to think that, content is the ultimate way of getting sales, these days. As, it drives engagement and then, that engagement drives action.

A good design with a quality content is the showcase of the website. An example is, if you are creating an e-commerce website. Furthermore, it must be written in a noticeable way, and according to the designs.

5. Value Web Standards:

Learn to respect your user’s standards. Your website is not said to be successful, if your user has to learn a new language, for navigating your website. It must be easy enough for them to understand. And, this can be done, only by implementing and taking care of web standards.

Like, if you take an example of an e-commerce website, you will find a cart module in the upper right corner. It is not done, because of making a pretty look, but for making it easy for the people to find the shopping cart, or to make it prominent. Also, you have seen the contacts on the top right of the screen and there are many more examples like this, that make you clear the importance of clarity and prominence.

6. Keep Navigation Simple:

The principle to follow, again. The companies that provide best web design services, always suggest that the navigation of your website must be easy. If your user fails to navigate easily, you failed to achieve your website goal. It is best only, when only a little amount of information is required for navigating to the point A to the point B.

Facilitate your users with what they want to get, means half the battle won. Make their journey on your website, easy way of their problems. For making things easier, acknowledgment of web site navigation practices, is a must needed thing. For an optimized user experience, use the basic patterns of a website effectively.

7. Don’t Avoid The Importance Of Typography:

Now-a-days, many companies that are providing web design services in Pakistan, focused heavily on the importance of fonts. Remember, we are not talking about just to work on your visual aspects of the website, and then add some typography or fonts to already finished designs. A great typography must work on all devices. It must be a design tool on itself, rather than a design element.

Only the use of perfect fonts, colors and spacing can give the look to the website page and work on both mobile and desktop.

Other than it, there is much more, not only to learn, but for making your website successful. So, follow these website designs, and get started with your new project. For the further advancements, it is good to write down all the key points, and then send them to your client as a “Complimentary Meeting Minutes” as a follow-up email.

The Hidden Meanings Behind Famous Logo Colors

Not the visual representation of the company, but custom logo design is the one that shows the values of the company. Among many decisions, before making logo designs, color is the biggest concern. Unfortunately, many take it as an insignificant thing. But, if we observe, we will see how the color choice of big brands has an impact on their success. The proven fact is that, within a span of 60 seconds, a person makes a subconscious judgment about the environment, people and product.

And, the interesting fact is that about 60% of the assessment is based on just colors. And, so we can say that a logo has the power to break or make your customers. Whether, you realized it or not, but it also influences on your decision to buy or not, if you are a customer. Because, it is the psychology of humans to associate the fonts, colors and design with the qualities of different products.

Even, the professionals suggest to take care of the values and personalities of your target audience at the utmost priority. It is not about marketing your brand, rather one should consider it for keeping an eye on the trends or on the color and design of favorite brands.

So, let’s check out the logo color of different companies to find the meaning behind them.

  • What a Red Logo Says About Your Brand:

The people working in a blue environment are found to be more productive, in comparison with any other color. Blue represents calm and peace. It is the color of oceans, seas and sky, and that’s the reason it is considered to be a secure and peaceful color. Unlike red, it controls the appetite. And, so is not considered as an attention grabbing color.

The added benefit of this color is that, it is like by both men and women. So, if you are in confusion about deciding your logo color. This suits the best for you. That being said, it is universally-liked, your logo design will have a great image. The famous brand Dell and Oral-B are using this color, and are more professional and stable names. The businesses that involve food must not use this color.

  • What an Orange color Says About Your Brand:

Orange is associated with enthusiasm and to activate the brain. Also, it is famous in food industries because of having eye-catching nature and is being aggressive. You have seen the logo of a famous drink, Fanta. And, will experience the friendliness and pleasant feelings, even just by seeing. So, the brands that want to show with a combination of inspiration and friendliness, can choose this color.

Firefox Browser, Gulf and the Harley Davidson are some other famous companies, showing their products as a light-hearted with confidence.

  • What a Yellow Logo Says About Your Brand:

For showing optimism and happiness, yellow color is used. Not surprisingly, all of you have seen the classic smiley face. That always evokes the emotions of encouragement, warmth and positivity, no matter what your mood is. So, the custom logo design companies can also associate them with the pleasure and warmth. Other than conveying a message of happiness, it can also use to make others, aware of the things. Like, you have seen the traffic lights and the road signs.

The only precaution, while using with this color is not to use such shade that can cause strain on the viewer’s eye. Famous companies using this color are, Best Buy, Sun chips and Nikkon.

  • What a Green Logo Says About Your Brand:

A sign of health, freshness and calm, Green is used for the healing and relaxation purpose. Since, healthy vegetation has green color, so it is used for showing the association with health and nature. That’s the reason, America’s favorite store” Whole Food” use it in its logo. Companies that want to show strong ethical practice in their environment, can use this color.

Additionally, it is a good choice for the companies who are involved in the finance, so as to remind their customers about money. And, hence it is also a symbol of money and wealth. Some examples are Tropicana, Morning Star farm and  John Deer.

  • What a Blue Logo Says About Your Brand:

The people working in a blue environment are found to be more productive, in comparison with any other color. Blue represents calm and peace. It is the color of oceans, seas and sky, and that’s the reason it is considered to be a secure and peaceful color. Unlike red, it controls the appetite. And, so is not considered as an attention grabbing color.

The added benefit of this color is that, it is like by both men and women. So, if you are in confusion about deciding your logo color. This suits the best for you. That being said, it is universally-liked, your logo design will have a great image. The famous brand Dell and Oral-B are using this color, and are more professional and stable names. The businesses that involve food must not use this color.

  • What a Purple Logo Says About Your Brand:

The classic color is representing the nobility and wealth. Evoking the feelings of wisdom and imagination, it is said to be the color of magic and mystery. This color is used by beauty brands, most of the time. So, a purple takes you out in the world of imagination. And, is considered to be the sign of luxury.

Consumers who want to be wise, are attracted to this color. Also, having the feeling of mystery and magic, it attracts those who are inclined towards these attributes. Famous  names like, Cadbury and Fedex corporation, use the purple color in their brands, and is showing the sign of success and wealth.

  • What a Black Logo Says About Your Brand:

Companies like the BlackBerry and Gucci are the symbols of Elegant and exclusivity. If your product is somehow exclusive and mysterious, use black color in your logo. In fact, black is associated with luxury products.

If you don’t want to attract the attention of customers. Rather, you want to see a sense of elegance and strong reputation, then you must go for black color in your logo designs. Obviously, you will not use flashy colors for sending your message.

  • What a Pink Logo Says About Your Brand:

Companies who want to target women, pink color is the best. Actually, it is associated with sweetness, and shows feminity. That’s why used in the fun land logos, so as to evoke the emotions of playfulness. There is a good chance of success, when your target audience is women and children. For example, if you deal with food products, you are supposed to use this color and, can easily convey the message of your company. Barbie and Dunkin Donuts are the examples.

It is pretty sure that different colors have different meanings. And since, corporate branding is the main thing to present a positive image of strength and power. So, the thing to keep in mind is using them in accordance to your brand and product.

07 Tips for Making Your Blog a Content Marketing Magnet

Can you stop working on your business blog? Got confused? Obviously, you will be, if you are just running it, because others are doing so, and don’t know the actual purpose of it. You are just writing, writing and writing, but are not getting the actual benefit of it, that we call content marketing. So, let me explain first, what this term defines and why it is too much important?First of all, blogs are the owned media you have. There are no restriction and rules of the third party, such as the other platforms like, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. So, the complete management of the channel is in your hand. Social media platforms are the best way to reach out to a wider target audience. Since blogs are search-friendly, one can easily do search engine optimization services through comments, sharing and guest posting.

In addition to it, blogs are the best source to drive sales in the business. Incorporate your blogs about using your products or services, and then link them down to the product page, you will have an astonishing result.

And, above all, it is the best and easy way of using with the low-cost budget.

It is, actually the creation and sharing of materials online, including blogs, videos and social media posts. The material is not actually promoting the brand, but is a helping hand for making sales to the business.

No need to worry. The article is going to reveal all the secrets, of how to use your blog for content marketing purpose with these seven tips.

7 Tips to Make Your Blog, Your Content Marketing Hub

Using these seven tips, you can easily make your blog, a hub for content marketing.

1. You must have a strong blogging foundation:

For getting a strong marketing plan for content, it is mandatory to build a strong foundation of your content. Use your own URL. Avoid using the free hosting websites, which all are using. For this, the best option is the usage of Blogger or WordPress. Use technology resources for supporting your blog. Like, its direct integration with your web site is necessary for making a strong foundation.

2. Know Your Audience:

You must have an idea about your reader, or to whom you are writing about. Use marketing personas, for getting this purpose. Then, include all interesting facts for making it, what your audience wants from you. It is better, rather than writing for a faceless mass. Getting aware with their content consumption habits and their social media leaning will definitely help out in writing blogs for them. Create more than one blog, if you have a different target audience, and then make a related content marketing.

3. Develop Your Content Marketing Plan:

Developing a plan of content marketing is side by side necessary. For this, you can take help from your calender. Note down the public holidays and vacations throughout the year, or make monthly plan as according to your feasibility. And, then create your content according to that mapping. Check out, what type of offerings you can provide your audience at these events. The more you engaged them in your content, the better marketing you can do. Besides this, hold webinars and conference talks with them. Create a mapping calender, that shows you all the offerings about the product. It will help you in better management. For getting better result, always proofread your content effectively, once you have done writing.

4.  Optimize Content to Enhance Effectiveness:

Your content is of no use, if you are not inserting right keywords in it for the optimization. For this, you can take the help of many search engine professionals in Pakistan. That can make your content attractive and appealing to the user. Don’t just write. Write in such a way that your audience can relate your product with your brand. Also, there are some things that must be consider, like fonts, color, text, sounds, presentation, languages  and visual representation.

Further, make it easy for your audience to read your content. For this purpose, you can break it into different sections or use bold type fonts for giving important information. Besides this, photographs are the best way to attract the customer.

5.  Plan Your Content Promotion:

For covering a wider audience, content publishing is not enough. Below are some of the steps, one may go with for promoting the content effectively.

  • Make your blog posts automatic, so that your reader can get all your content, and on time. This can be done sending through email in the form of a newsletter etc.
  • Use the platform of social media to your advantage by posting all your content on that. Add this activity in your marketing plan, also.
  • Your blog posts must have a social sharing buttons, so that you can get a wide range of audience.
  • Give the subscription option or insert an email, if you want to extend your contacts.

All this should done carefully only to your target audience.

6. Allocate Resources to Your Blog:

You must consider all resources to make your content marketing effective. For this, financial resources are not enough, you may need human resources also. The resources may be external or internal. These including, inclusion of designs in your content, formatting and photography, editorials for making sure that your content is delivering the right purpose. Use grammar checking softwares for removing any unintentional grammatical mistakes and for technical issues as well.

7. Track Content Marketing Results:

Not the blog is enough for content marketing. You must check out your plan, whether it is working properly or not. Integrate social media in it, or get some search engine optimization services. After that, you can leave the rest of the content marketing process on it.

Thus, blog marketing content may be difficult to some extent, but once you have done with it, the prosperous results will come to you. Startups may take help in making the foundation of your content marketing, and will definitely beneficial in the long run of the company.