Top Web Development Trends
You Should Notice in 2018

Every New Year will bring the major updates and advancements in web development industry. Not just only that, but there are many platforms, languages and other mechanisms as well that make up the web are constantly evolving.

The customers need and expectations are growing year by year and it’s more important than ever to build the digital experiences that are connecting with fun and intuitive. Content should be available all over the place, in real-time, and of course on the mobile devices as well.

In this article, we’ll discuss what’s to come in this year 2018. And we’ll talk about the move to one-page static websites, the rise of pop-up messages, the decline of Flash in favor of HTML5 and significantly more. Let’s get begin!

Real-Time Web Apps are getting more popular

The real-time web applications, based on web sockets, have been around for quite a long time, but they are getting increasingly more and more popular. The reason: clients need quick interactions and real-time web applications are conveying the need to share the information instantly.

The key point of real-time web applications is that the link between client and server is left open, and the server pushes the new information once it’s there. Before continuous web applications, clients needed to return manually to see if something new had happened.

Mastering Mobile Web Development

Want to increase more mobile traffic increasing every day on your website? The responsive web designs have become mandatory in the last couple of years. So, if you want your website to become more stable and responsive on each platform to your audience, you must hire a company who offer best web development services for you.

According to TechCrunch, a report suggests that it’s 80% of users having smartphones are using the internet. The average time spent on mobile devices is increasing day by day up to 5 hours. Understand that how Content can be fit on small devices will be a challenging thing of mastering mobile development in 2018.

Content must be easily navigated in mobile devices is a key element. Think about how you’re using the cell phone. You should read articles while standing on the bus and might be texting when walking down a road or a shopping mall. All changes that you’re doing happen with just one hand.

According to a report, 49 percent of smartphones users use the one hand to the execution.

Extensions get more compatible

Browser extensions have been the key adds for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Co. for many years. So, the question is raised here, what’s new in 2018? And what this will continue more in browser extension compatibility.

The browser extension is the code written language in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. They upgrade the functionality of a web browser and add new features that change the content of the websites, sometimes appearances as well. These extensions build to use for a specific browser, such as Chrome or Firefox.

The extensions for Firefox are using to build the WebExtensions APIs, a cross-browser for developing extensions. API is compatible with the extension API which is supported by Chrome, Opera, and multiprocess Firefox. The extensions written for those browsers will in most cases run in Firefox with just a few changes. While, in the past, Firefox extensions were using three different systems.

Material Design

Material design is the popular design that is most likely to get more engagements. It was developed by Google in an attempt to combine visual material and motion. It is based on modern, responsive materialize CSS framework that comes in two parts: Materialize and Saas. It is based on Google’s material design language and provides the components such as Parallax. It’s compatible with all modern browsers and it is something that scores in user experience design.

An Increase in One-Page Website Designs

Well, there are two major types of websites which are multi-page web design and one-page setup. The traditional way to build a website that it’s put each topic on its own page. This makes sense for the majority of the websites.

A consistently expanding number of clients support perusing the net on their mobile devices as opposed to their personal computers. Although, website design approaches that support favor that is ease-of-scrolling. In the additional that navigation hyperlinks don’t introduce usability issues – are progressively coming to the fore.

This implies that the single pages are out, and compact, scrollable areas are in – i.e. one-page website designs. At last, you’ll need to structure a one-page site also to a point of arrival, however, there’s more scope for creative ordering. While you’ll still probably want to add a Call To Action (CTA) at the extreme top and a contact frame at the bottom, your data will normally be arranged based on how your business funnel is developed.

Wrapping it up

The new designing trends, frameworks, mobile developments and also user expectation are changing in the field of web development every day. This field is growing to over the last couple of years. Web development is responding to growing the user expectations and design trends like Google’s material design which is likely to gain more visible in 2018.

No matter what you will be working on in 2018, you should be up-to-date in this industry, these are exciting times and an exciting industry to be working in!

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