A ticket – be it for an addition or revision – helps our clients to reach us more professionally and easily


Our client service phase won’t get completed with you unless & until, we deliver you a perfect execution and after-service. Even after your project gets completed with us as per your project brief, you can always come to us for any amendments, modifications, revision or corrections, without any hesitance.
In order to provide you a value-added after-service experience as per the limit of your package, we have introduced a ‘ticket’ policy where, you can simply open up a ticket, add your requirements and then simply can get your issues/queries resolved by our technical department a.s.a.p.
Before applying for any ticket, we want you to thoroughly read our ticket procedure listed below in order to completely understand how it actually works and for the sake of maintaining a healthy and long-term business relationship without any hassle or miscommunication.

1. A ticket can be as big as creating a whole landing page and can be as small as uploading an image to your website.

2. You can assign only one task in a ticket. For example, if you want to create a new landing page and also need some changes in an existing one, you will be required to submit two different tickets; one for the new page creation and second for the changes in the current one.

3. You can submit up to 5 tickets in a month in the basic package and up to 10 tickets in a month, you can avail if you get our premium package.

4. The time that our team may take to resolve a ticket will depend on the requirements you mention in the ticket. Like, when there is a requirement to change an image or a section on your site, it may not take more than 24-48 hours to close the ticket. While, creating a new landing page may take a whole week.

5. When you have got all of your tickets (depending on your package) availed and still need an urgent work needed to be done on your site, there are two options that you can avail: either you pay extra and buy more tickets (You can buy an extra ticket from here) or ask us to adjust tickets in the next month. Like, you have 5 tickets monthly in your package, but you avail 7 in a month, then you will get only 3 tickets in the next month.

Your questions, our answers

Do I still need tickets even if my website goes live?

The work on a website doesn’t end after it is made live. Rather, you will always be in touch with the designers and developers all the time for any future modifications or custom settings until your site is live on the internet.

Considering this, Just Digital is launching an easy and affordable option for those businesses with small or shoestring budget, who can’t hire a hi-fi web designer or developer all the time for any of their slight website changes or removal of content.

What advantages can I avail through a ticket?

First, when you come to us and buy any of our packages, you ‘ll be getting access to domain registration, hosting, web design, development, copyrighting, and other services (mentioned in the package) without any ticket.

The process of tickets starts once your site is live and this is the phase, where you need some extra addition, deletion or changes on your website throughout from time to time.

Depending upon your package, you will be given monthly tickets through which you can easily assign us different tasks and can get them resolved ASAP via these tickets anytime.

How many tasks can I assign per ticket?

You can assign only one task per ticket

Can I ask to make a new website through a ticket?

Since, the ticket is only limited to revisions therefore, you cannot request us to create a new website under that or to completely change the structure of your site. Rather, our tickets are meant for short-term, small changes within your website that you may require from time to time.

What specific changes can I get made through a ticket?

Through a ticket, you can ask precisely go for the following changes:

  • To create a new landing page
  • To add additional pages on the site
  • To add or change the logo, banners, or images
  • To add or change some content on the site
  • To add an image or video
  • To add or change sliders
  • To configure emails
  • To set the contact form with a new email.
  • To change the theme colors or fonts
  • To add or remove a plugin
  • To speed up you site, mobile or web
  • To add products or services
  • To add payment options
  • To provide the Google Webmaster or Analytics’ Reports
  • Put SEO keywords in the content
  • To perform On-Page changes to the site
  • To improve the site security and maintenance
  • Publish guest posts, blog post or articles
  • To get some other small additions, revisions, removals, changes to your site.

For any further questions or queries, please feel free to drop us an email at

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