The 10 Common Myths To Ignore
Forever For Your Business Logo.

If logos could speak, this is what they’d probably say to most of their owners — and designers alike. Undoubtedly, there is no any other design format that is misunderstood than a ‘logo’ design where every designer has its own sets of rights and wrongs and none of them seems to be working. Let us introduce top ten most common corporate logo design mistakes to be aware of and resist at every cost:

1. A Logo Design Has To Reflect What The Company Does

This is what you must be able to understand being an entrepreneur. Your logo is simply a way to make your brand get identified out of those thousands of brands standing in the market –not a story-teller!

Just like a country’s flag whose purpose is to make a specific region standout of the crowd, a business logo exactly serves the same mission. Nothing more, nothing less.

2. A Logo Must Include A Symbol

This is not a rule of thumb to follow every time. Some of the most popular brands doesn’t carry any symbol in their logo, but simply well-crafted letter marks.

But this doesn’t mean to omit symbols from scratch out of your logos. Sometimes a symbol can make a company sky-high in terms of recognition like, Apple, Pepsi and many more. Other times, symbols can simply be distracting for customers- just like the semitransparent blue square in the late GAP logo. So, the trick is to use symbol only if you find necessary to represent any of your corporate elements else, try your best to go with some alternative typographical solutions.

3. A Logo Has To Follow Its Established Industry Style

Well, if you want something boredom or dread for your start-up logo then you are more than welcome to stick away with this rule. Just like happens in the case of real estate and fashion industries where, 09 out of 10 companies follows trends of more replication and less imagination.

Though every industry has certain set rules and expectations that are acceptable when it comes to logo design but for companies starting out, to look replicated and unoriginal could be the biggest dark shadow. Be bold to break the rules off with a killer logo design that looks truly exceptional.

4. A Logo Has To Be “Timeless”

You must have heard this punch line so many time that you might wonder is there a time machine about to invent for this. You cannot create time less logo within weeks but you need to make sure that it must not be based upon traditional swooshes or fancy treatments to last longer.

Logos also carry age like others and to keep them young as always, a plastic surgery is needed from time to time to make them look trendier and less old-fashioned. So don’t embark your efforts in shaping up a timeless logo but rather create something that works now and then there will be whole life to improve it later.

5. A Logo Has To Be Likable

Your corporate logo doesn’t need to look like an eye candy but rather should reflect a unique proposition that can be associated with the culture and values of the company.

No matter whether customers like or dislike your logo design, it has nothing to do with how they perceive your brand.

Consider this:

London Olympics is one of the ugliest logo of history but is the most popular one too, when it comes to sports event.

6. Logo design is EASY

This is the biggest mistake that 99% of graphic designers make. No job is easy in this world unless it’s owned. Graphic designers put their heart and soul in designing that one logo that we like or dislike within faction of seconds with more attention to detail and time-consumption required on the part of designer. It’s time to hire a professional logo designer for your custom logo design.

7. DO NOT need professional logo designer. I can spend that money on better things!

The most funniest and self-obsessed myth! If everyone could have design corporate logos then there won’t be any concept of graphic designers pulling out dollars with a mere design & none any post graphic design diplomas or short courses. Only a professional graphic designer knows the ins and outs of corporate logo design and not an amateur.

8. ANY Kind Of Logo Can Work For My Company!

Well, if you want to save your money but not your company then this is the myth right to be followed, but we value logo designs that compliments. You cannot pick any logo for your company because it has certain set of values. Also, you cannot be a copycat because of copy right reasons. Designing a logo that is too much generic can make your audience make you forget easily as they won’t find anything new to associate because people imagine you in your logo! Don’t worry, you‘ll realize this soon.

9. With the perfect logo, customers will come flooding in.

It sounds like LOLX!!

A logo isn’t perfect unless it has the power to attract customers. Your logo might seems perfect to you but not for your audience and this is where you are at mistake. Try converting your logo into a selling one with focus on marketing and customer service since logo is just a visual representation not a buy-1-get-1 free offer!

10. Your Logo Is Standing In The Way Of Your Success.

Not to get offended but it’s a reality (if we haven’t already). Your logo doesn’t hinder your success but it’s you, yourself. Stop focusing all of your efforts in time in perfecting your logo if you are doing so then you are taking the shift away from more important thing, i.e., selling.

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