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General Quick Guide

On-Page SEO: SERP Listing Tips


Do you want to make your organic listings pretty and effective to win that click? 💪 Follow our simple tips to optimize your listings for people and search engines!

▶️ URL →

Before anything else, your URL has to be descriptive and meaningful (please avoid weird numbers and random letter combinations!). And of course, the URL is a very good place for your keywords.

▶️ Title →

You surely understand the power of a good title — it’s critical for attracting the user’s attention and increasing the page CTR. Users will see your title on the SERP, and if they don’t like it or don’t see what they need, they will most likely not click and read your article.

▶️ Meta Description →

A meta description does not impact your search engine rankings in any way, but as I said earlier, you have to think about users as well. A well-written meta description will help them better understand what your article or page is about, and it helps with click-through-rates.

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