Let’s Learn Loud The Five Commandments
Of Modern Logo Design.

This is something really important that you must need to know!

“Approximately 93 percent of the most popular logos in the world enjoys a simplified and stylised appearance with most of the ideas being minimalist and clean. “

professional logo design is a term that still stands dominant today as it used to be like decades before. Though it has taken many revolutions and subtractions at the same time for a revolt but, its power cannot be denied for businesses to grow memorable today.

No matter how modern branding goes, the essence of online logo design is still most recognized and significant to survive and get identified out of trillions of brands that shape in every day. Present-day logo design has its rules & charms and our blog post today talks about what tips you can follow to make your logo as one of the most modern icon of recent times.

Let’s begin with:

1. To be Trendy, Fire the ‘Trends’!

Well, this may sound offensive and funny to you, but you but need to believe this if you want to have an outclass logo design identity for your business. A trendy logo must need to look modern as well and a modern design is always clean and minimalist. This is something you need to keep hammering upon your designer’s head repetitively because in the end, you don’t want a high-end, stylish logo appearance but a long-term and meaningful brand representative that can share your story with your audience.

Adhering stick to certain color palates or fads hot right now won’t give you a promising visual identity that your business requires and will lose its essence once expired.

A meaningful logo comparatively is the one that can arise emotions and associations within the targeted masses to elicit positive buying responses and core brand representation.

2. Keep It Simple!

The design world is now being bombarded with more digital concepts and virtual simulations to inspire the next-gen designers. Agreed. But ‘simplicity’ is something that still remains the game changer. The more a professional logo design is simplistic, the greater retention it will enjoy from potential customers. Just think about the amazing appeal of IBM.

A modern logo design can never be undermine either overdrawn. In fact, it’s good to have some stylized visuals added into the logo design to allure its charm. But at the same time, simplicity must not need to be overlooked as your primary goal.

The magic a decent and simple logo can play is hard to expect from a modern, vector logo which has got everything to do with style and not your corporate branding. Focusing on minimalism and abstract design won’t help audience in connecting with your brand‘s virtual representation.

3. Choose the Right Font

Remember the font-color theory for your online logo design. Your logo needs to look exactly alike across all the print mediums and materials (like, letterhead, business cards, corporate stationary etc.) & on your website, yes! What if you chose a font size that won’t be legible enough to read loud for your audience… They won’t ever look back to your logo! Dreadful, isn’t it?..

Choosing a complimentary font style and size is the job that only an intellectual designer can perform by understanding the part that how well it can be linked with your corporate collaterals and business values, as well.

The most standard font style is Sans-Serif that looks more serious and sophisticated for custom business logo design. Avoid hand-written or gothic fonts at any cost unless they promise an ideal representation for your brand positioning since, they are the most unfriendly fonts for audience eyes & could lead to confusion & cannibalization more.

In short, if you really want your audience to get involve with your brand message and feel motivated to take actions then you must opt for a simple font style and size.

4. Be Original!

With plenty of inspirations and exemplary online for the designers to follow and inspire, it may be difficult at times to be that one and only, exclusive one. Rather, chances are that you trap into the flare of the designs that you like and the patters that they follow either they go with your brand or not.

Our top tip is to leave popular logos aside from your dictionary! A replica or a first copy never gets the same impression or value that an original yet simple idea enjoys.

So, stop your hunt for seeking some popular logo and then manipulating it in your own way. It won’t still looks original! Bring your own, creative & original logo concept no matter how weird it might seem initially, would still be yours trademark of dedication.

5. Personality Counts More than Ever!

Today’s digital world has given empowerment to customers in a way that they can chose to go with a brand of their own choice and at the same time, can discard the other one permanently. Customers today are very informative and can affect your branding greatly- positively or negatively. This doesn’t mean that Traditional Marketing has become extinct. It does exist but its prominence is gradually declining every single day with more inbound marketing campaigns taking the lead as indicated by some marketing experts.

To impress your audience, an emotional response is required to make them decision-oriented because people today wants to build relationship with your brands and the personality of your logo can strengthen this relationship by the help of some reliable custom logo design services.

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