Finding the Current Website
Design Trends For 2018

Are you finding the latest web design trends for your business? We have a solution for you. The experienced and professional web developers and web designers are keeping on their research and finding various useful techniques for representing their online brand.

Today, we discussed the most trendy and most popular new website design trends which are following the creative designers and developers and let you about where the industry is right now. It’s up to you whether you follow these trends or not, it’s really useful to know what they are…

Typography: Typography is the most important and much-needed factor you have to need to know. The entire success of the website and its content depends on the font. You just need to manage your fonts because the readability and the legibility are totally depended on the fonts of your website.

It attracts the user’s mood. If your fonts are clear and precise then there is a chance to inspire the people who read. So, you should have the clean fonts for your audience to read easily your content or market.

Responsive Design: The most accepted topic that is usually discussed and followed is the responsive design. The ability of your beautiful web designto adjust in a decent manner for any device. Whether if it is a 15-inch desktop, or an iPod or any mobile screen along with all its features and components to known as responsive design.

You’re lucky because there is a number of web design agencies here, who are working on the well-responsive web designs. So, if you want responsive web designs from a qualified web desin agency then hire an experienced web design agency who help to make the responsive designs for you and to build your brand more visible in online.

Animation: These days many web designers discuss aggressively integrating animations through CSS. Since the web design pages depended more on Android and similarly, the CSS animations are the need of the hour.

Animation can play a big role in making ideas and interfaces that are easier to understand. Animation gets the attention of the user. “In this digital world where everyone is in a hurry, at that time animation can convey the complex ideas in an easy way in a short time whilst at the same time engaging and informing“, says interactive designer Chris Gannon.

Parallax Scrolling: The scrolling effect is getting more admired among the professional web design owners and the experienced designers. The activity on animations takes place in several layers and each of them with different speeds. (i.e. background image moves slower than the front image when creating a pleasing visual treat).

The serious discussion is going on this topic among the web developers, whether to have this feature or not. It gives a visual treat when used minimally and an unwanted distraction when utilized most extreme.

Infinite Scrolling: Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter feeds are the set examples of this type of scrolling. There the content gets an update and keeps on loading each time when the user reaches the bottom of the page. It might be useful for a shopping site but it has the danger of frustrating the user in normal informative websites.

Bold Colours: James Bearne, a creative director of Kagool says, “We have seen an increase in the use of bold colours being used across all the digital platforms over the past year“.

He predicts that with the new tools and frameworks will help us to find more interesting ways of using the colours, maybe in future, we’ll see more designers exploring how colour can be used and deliver the outstanding experiences.

It is really interesting to see that how colours will be used alongside customization to create truly new experiences for the users that indicate various boxes at once.

Minimalism: Minimalism is the revolutionizing the world of web design. Many web designers are encouraged more with the minimal designing aspect than with spectacular curves and colors; the fresh and clean design with minimum elements, focusing more on the content is a welcoming thing among all the stunning designs.

Making the most of mobile: Last year was a landmark for the mobile web, as it usually finally overtakes that of desktop browsing. What’s more, that implies the qualified website designers will be more engaged than any other time in recent memory on the mobile viewers next year and beyond.

“Now as we move into 2018, “I personally believe that the advancements will completely use of mobile functionality as we’ve never observed on the desktop“, says Morr. This year definitely will continue to see the designers develop clever ways to organize the information delightfully and instinctively, prompting more refined client encounters, with centers around smaller scale communications and signals over symbols and catches.

Lopez offers a particular example of how mobile first is not only a breezy rule, however, something that should be heated into the core design process. As we said earlier, animations are now more and more present in the web design, but sometimes, it’s excessively. There’s a threat of overdoing it and depending on the motion to define an experience.

The professional designers should have to consider that how animations and transitions will convert into web browsers and devices like mobile, where there’s no float states and content needs to adapt to reduced screen sizes.

Illustration: We’ve seen lots of illustration on various websites in 2017. “The new businesses want to stand out and illustrations are a tremendous approach to inject personality into a website“, says Morr.

They are outwardly captivating without getting the usefulness and effortlessness; illustrations come in different shapes, sizes, styles, and are a dynamic component to look out for in 2018 and past. We’re learning not to neglect playfulness in the name of a straightforward user experience.

This illustration isn’t just about being capricious, however. “Delineations can be to a great degree handy methods for introducing or clarifying the information.


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