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These Common Logo Design Oversights May Be Making Your Business Look Amateur.

Perhaps you might be one of those entrepreneurs who are planning to have a new logo for their business or you already have a ‘design’ ready with you for your venture. A logo is one of the most valuable investment for your business that determines its success but many of the businesses don’t realize this fact and often commit blunders in this phase. Making your online logo design look like an amateur means your business is amateur too.

The best and foremost practice to overcome this thing is to hire a competent designer or some reliable agency for your logo to look professional by every means. Only industry designers know how to craft a memorable and flexible-looking online logo design that can add long-term value. The hard part is that there exists a lot of designers who frame themselves as the most polished and experienced ones but in reality, they don’t even know the ABC behind logo design. What’s worse is that you being a client, get trap into sugary talks of these designers and spend a lot of time on these red flags. Below are the doubts you need to look for:

1) The Logo Is Too Busy

For a designer, the most challenging task is to achieve simplicity within a logo.

The most common fear and doubt that a logo portrays is the impression of being ‘busy’-i.e, too much of things are going on simultaneously when it comes to close evaluation.

We aren’t discouraging the fact that too many elements won’t look ‘great’ together within a logo but just keep the ‘tempting’ part aside for now, you don’t need to ‘include’ every single concept in your logo. A general and decent rule of thumb is to play around a maximum of two ideas per variation and also, it’s recommended not to combine a logo with any strong visual elements in the typeface.

Splitting up a logo is always a good idea, if it’s looking ‘less’ busy but ‘not’ visually appealing then, let it go for now:)

2) The Logo Does Not Scale Or Print Well

Designers often come up with logos that though, looks beautiful off-screen but when it comes to on-screen, they lose their scalability when printed on smaller sizes or with digital materials. Logos that are crafted through fine lines in close proximity will always look blur when printed over small sizes. In addition to this, closed shapes having ‘zero’ or less-negative space (empty space) don’t scale down well too.

3) The Logo Is Not Compactible

It’s 2018 and by now you must have got enough of the awareness about social media and its value for your business. Your logo needs to look ‘socially’ good as well across social channels like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and so on. Think about how your logo would look across the Facebook’s square profile picture or within that Twitter’s circle. Analyzing these things could help you make your logo better in every perspective.

4) The Logo Does Not Use An Appropriate Font

When it comes to a complete logo design then, it’s a combination of two things- colors and the font style. For a logo, a font is like everything that could make it get notice in front of the target audience & on screen as well. There are certain logos that use texts only and are known as ‘wordmarks’.

Though choosing a font might seem tricky to new designers and with a lot of concerns associated but just to simplify, we would like to mention only two:

– First, does your font comply with your overall brand? For instance, if you are an IT company then a font like, Sans Serif font rather than Serif would work more for you for that cutting-edge look.

– Second, does the font style matches with the logomark? Play with some mix of decent fonts and try to have a new combination.

5) The Logo Is Not Unique

To make a logo unique is the real art. Simple logos can be made memorable and effective in few ways: One is to do exceptional branding across online and offline channels just like, Apple does.

Another way is to instill that ‘wow’ factor or ‘an ah-ha’ factor (deep meaning) in your logo just like, Fed Ex does. The creativity is all yours.

6) The Logo Does Not Work As Part of An Identity System

Be mindful of the fact that your logo must have the power to be a backbone for your business and visual identity systems. It should take care of your digital presence, marketing collaterals, iconography, culture and values & much more. Only a clever designed logo fulfill the above aims & can inspire the design systems.

A classic example is this regard is of Pentagram’s rebranding of MIT Media lab with such a simple yet powerful logo talking beautifully across multiple mediums. Think of it- Does your logo is such flexible enough potentially?

7) The Logo Does Not Suit Your Brand

You must have heard of the saying “Your logo is the ultimate face of your business “and it’s true. No matter how beautiful your logo is, it’s just one piece of your brand – if it’s not aligned with your brand or is off-brand. Still, it will give out a negative impression.


We know that there are plenty of great logos worldwide that are unconventionally created and don’t follow any fears or doubts and ifs and buts but that’s okay, they are still the best! These logos are masterminds of professional logo designers. But for those who lacks budget and time to hire any proper design agency or a perfecto designer, we are damn hopeful that the post above must be of great help to those.

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