7 Secrets for Professional
SEO Article Writers

For promoting online PR services and social media management, SEO blogs and articles are the obvious important thing. Posting regularly on your website is considered to be the easiest method for introducing brand to your customers or clients. Normally, 40 search engine optimization blogs are written by a website per week, including all landing pages that help to drive traffic to any website.

It is not the right way to just chuck with a lot of words on any page and then, expect the people to come to your website. Obviously, the accurate way to make visit to your website is having the knowledge of building a website, but to build it in the right way is also necessary.

Check out these tips for making your search engine optimization articles, more professional.

    1. Focus on the right keywords:

Make sure to use the right keyword for your website for the content. For this, you must know the right keyword people search for and make an effective keyword spreadsheet. The density of keyword should not be ignored for getting the effective result. Keyword tools may be helpful for finding the ranking of your target keywords.

    1. Don’t just juggle with the keywords:

Dumping your target keyword is not enough and is not needed by your customer. Or one can make the mistake of just writing nonsense in the content. Your customer doesn’t want to have a bunch of words only. Your prospective customer search for the target keyword, but also want a meaningful copy to get more knowledge about it. So, your SEO copy should have such keywords used that make sense when your customer read them. The best way is to include keywords in the first 300 words of content. Title of the page must have the target keyword. Once, you will get succeed by this trick, you will get more clicks on your SEO blogs or articles.

    1. Make it long enough to count:

Make sure your content has a proper word count. The content of having minimum 600 to 700 words gets preference of your user. However, if you want to engage your user, you must have 1000 words in your copy. For getting more effective results, you will see 1200 to 1500 words in the popular blogs.

Since, longer content means you are giving more value to your customers and hence, will have lower chances of a bounce back. The key point to remember is to only add fresh content to your website, otherwise your word count doesn’t mean anything to your user.

    1. Write about something people care about:

Remember, you are not writing for just Google algorithm, you write for people. So, to give value to people is the thing they want from you. Before starting any writing, ask yourself if it really beneficial for someone? The content becomes failed when it is being written without any reason, with no strategy and planning. You must have something to sale out and that selling must be unique. Additionally, it will get high attention when it has any offer or service or the product that differentiate from others. The knowledge or information you will share through your content will not be found anywhere else.

To do all this, one must have a deep knowledge of business and about the products they are promoting. Check out the list of your keywords or links that can help in writing the SEO content for your company. Share your content through social channels may be the best thing you can do for increasing your network.

    1. Regularly Watch your analytics:

Throwing more and more content that is SEO driven is not enough. Foe getting timely outcomes, one must watch the Google analytics thoroughly. Familiarization with the bounce rate, time on site and pages per session is all necessary for the content than the density of keywords. If bounce rate is high, it means your visitors don’t like to stay longer on your pages. Likely, it has also chances that your page is not optimized properly.

Words have no use if they are not suited to the design of the website. So, coordination of SEO writers with the designers is necessary. People get irritated by too much pop-ups showing again and again. You must have an idea how your visitors see your words.

    1. Proofread your work:

SEO writers must have a sharp eye to edit his work. Normally, Google Docs and Microsoft Word have made it easy, but some undeliberate mistakes are done, which must be corrected by the writer himself after proofreading. Besides that, formatting should be also given equal importance.

Having another person that can proofread is always a good choice. As, detection of others mistakes is the easiest task.

    1. Become your own online PR agency:

A well-written content that is been posted is half the work done only. Actual work starts when you link your content to different places and by acting as your online PR agency. Link it back Back to your website. As, social media management and web content writing go hand in hand. Furthermore, you can submit it on StumbleUpon and Reddit.


In present days, SEO content writing is not just putting keywords in the content. One must be enough intelligent to understand the evolving features of the website. Also, it has become important to hire a professional SEO writer for the growth of your business.

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