10 Mistakes Logo Designers
Should Avoid

No matter, if you are designing a logo from the start, or are in the middle of the process, the time is to rethink about your visual identity, so as to avoid the common mistakes, you are doing unintentionally.Custom logo design is not a sole concern. Its creation is actually a part of the larger process of brand design. It all depends on an effective communication strategy and a strong value creation. However, by following some simple rules, one can prevent from these mistakes that can escape the rest of brand from such unintentional mistakes.

Take a look at these 10 most common logo design mistakes, that are the summary of our experienced designers.

1. Making Your Logo Inflexible To All Channels:

Not each logo is compatible to all channels. Your logo is for a lifetime, and if it is not flexible, it could not represent your brand effectively. Make your logo effective in all regards, such that it complement all assets that are considered in all aspects including, size, color and proportion. As, the logo is for life time encountered. The thing needed is making it with a mindset that can fit in all horizontal, square and vertical spaces.

2. Take a Look At Your Black And White Logo:

No doubt, colors like black, white or gray are considered to be classy. Using them in your logo may be bad for you in the sense that it may be unclear to the visitors. Ensure that core elements are visible or not, while using these colors in your logo. A professional designer will always tell you this point, before starting the work with you. The issue is related to flexibility. Your brand also has to face the difficulty, because these colors are commonly used on the receipts, invoices or in copies by various other brands.

3. Don’t Copy Others:

Taking inspiration from other brand logos is right, but it is of no use to make comparison with them, and to create a logo design that is similar to their brand. It is totally a misconception. And, will create only confusion among your visitors. There must be a crucial analysis to see, if your logo does not look like other company’s logos. Remember, you can’t take the place of the big brands of which you want to use their logo designs. Moreover, it is an offense too.

Now, one can argue that how it is possible to analyze each and every brand. You only need to check out those brands, which have the same products and service offerings as you have. So, that you can come up with some unique things, which will make it sure that you are not missing any red flag.

4. Make Sure Your Logo Is Not Offensive:

It is the era of social media, which spread everything in minutes. In case, some people get affected by your logo or feel some discrimination, you would affect badly. Obviously, it is not possible to please each and every visitor, but the efforts must be made to minimize the maximum offense or to avoid the open and intentional faults. Logos are symbols that create associations, and people may take them a silent message for them. So, careful evaluation is necessary before making a logo.

5. Don’t Forget About The Language Of Colors:

Colors have the language too. Your logo will go into the world on different channels, like screens, plastics, fabrics and many other mediums. As a professional designer, it must be your utmost skill to use such colors in custom logo design, that can complement all of the channels and that can set the uniformity of your brand as a graphic. Thus, to take care of the color equivalencies is a must.

6. Your Logo Must Have a Defined Meaning:

You are working for creating your logo for time, and has invested many efforts and ideas for getting up a meaningful logo. But, all in vain because of not looking it with a keen eye. Here, keen eye means looking it with your target audience’s eye. Professional designers always recommend to have a look of third eye at your logo before launching it. So, make your habit of testing visual identity of your brand.

7. Your Logo Must Not Visually Detach from Your Product:

The core function of your logo is to identify your products or services in a marketplace. Obviously, it is noteworthy to have a perfect compatibility with your product. The products may be different in different businesses, but there must be an artistic look in your product or offerings. The experience has shown that different products tend to use different imagery look. So, don’t make the mistake of detaching your visual style that your audience wants to associate with your product.

8. Don’t Focus Too Much On Trends:

Trends come and go and for a short period of time. Your brand is not for a short period. So, have a only focus on them will lead you to total rejection of your target audience. Furthermore, they can leave your brand with a time-sensitive that may be bright today, but will lose steam quickly.

9. Check If Your Logo Is Not Conveying The Right Emotions:

To have a look at the emotions of a logo is as important is, maintaining its visual identity. Every product has associated emotions with the product. For example, customers have different emotions while buying an outfit, while choosing food for them, they will have a completely emotions. Likewise, they will not have the same emotions, when they are taking some bank service. Evoking right emotions in them, means you have well done. The emotions of calm, security and reassurance will automatically evoke. So, figuring out the right emotion, and then amalgamate them in your product, so as to create a perfect identity.

10. Don’t Avoid The Inscalable Logo Files:

All efforts will go in vain, if your logo file is not scalable to custom logo design. It is the worst nightmare to any designer, when the files seem unprofessional and pixelated. For getting the purpose, the logo must be created in a vectorial artwork. This is important, because vector files expand and shrink to the original designs easily. The added benefit is that the quality of design is not affected.

Creating logo is an important discipline, and must not be over-complicated. Avoiding these unintentional mistakes and with good intentions, one can change its visitors into target customers easily and can help out in growing business, when dealing with logo design services.

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