07 Tips for Making Your Blog a
Content Marketing Magnet

Can you stop working on your business blog? Got confused? Obviously, you will be, if you are just running it, because others are doing so, and don’t know the actual purpose of it. You are just writing, writing and writing, but are not getting the actual benefit of it, that we call content marketing. So, let me explain first, what this term defines and why it is too much important?First of all, blogs are the owned media you have. There are no restriction and rules of the third party, such as the other platforms like, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. So, the complete management of the channel is in your hand. Social media platforms are the best way to reach out to a wider target audience. Since blogs are search-friendly, one can easily do search engine optimization services through comments, sharing and guest posting.

In addition to it, blogs are the best source to drive sales in the business. Incorporate your blogs about using your products or services, and then link them down to the product page, you will have an astonishing result.

And, above all, it is the best and easy way of using with the low-cost budget.

It is, actually the creation and sharing of materials online, including blogs, videos and social media posts. The material is not actually promoting the brand, but is a helping hand for making sales to the business.

No need to worry. The article is going to reveal all the secrets, of how to use your blog for content marketing purpose with these seven tips.

7 Tips to Make Your Blog, Your Content Marketing Hub
Using these seven tips, you can easily make your blog, a hub for content marketing.

1. You must have a strong blogging foundation:

For getting a strong marketing plan for content, it is mandatory to build a strong foundation of your content. Use your own URL. Avoid using the free hosting websites, which all are using. For this, the best option is the usage of Blogger or WordPress. Use technology resources for supporting your blog. Like, its direct integration with your web site is necessary for making a strong foundation.

2. Know Your Audience:

You must have an idea about your reader, or to whom you are writing about. Use marketing personas, for getting this purpose. Then, include all interesting facts for making it, what your audience wants from you. It is better, rather than writing for a faceless mass. Getting aware with their content consumption habits and their social media leaning will definitely help out in writing blogs for them. Create more than one blog, if you have a different target audience, and then make a related content marketing.

3. Develop Your Content Marketing Plan:

Developing a plan of content marketing is side by side necessary. For this, you can take help from your calender. Note down the public holidays and vacations throughout the year, or make monthly plan as according to your feasibility. And, then create your content according to that mapping. Check out, what type of offerings you can provide your audience at these events. The more you engaged them in your content, the better marketing you can do. Besides this, hold webinars and conference talks with them. Create a mapping calender, that shows you all the offerings about the product. It will help you in better management. For getting better result, always proofread your content effectively, once you have done writing.

4. Optimize Content to Enhance Effectiveness:

Your content is of no use, if you are not inserting right keywords in it for the optimization. For this, you can take the help of many search engine professionals in Pakistan. That can make your content attractive and appealing to the user. Don’t just write. Write in such a way that your audience can relate your product with your brand. Also, there are some things that must be consider, like fonts, color, text, sounds, presentation, languages and visual representation.

Further, make it easy for your audience to read your content. For this purpose, you can break it into different sections or use bold type fonts for giving important information. Besides this, photographs are the best way to attract the customer.

5. Plan Your Content Promotion:

For covering a wider audience, content publishing is not enough. Below are some of the steps, one may go with for promoting the content effectively.

  • Make your blog posts automatic, so that your reader can get all your content, and on time. This can be done sending through email in the form of a newsletter etc.
  • Use the platform of social media to your advantage by posting all your content on that. Add this activity in your marketing plan, also.
  • Your blog posts must have a social sharing buttons, so that you can get a wide range of audience.
  • Give the subscription option or insert an email, if you want to extend your contacts.

All this should done carefully only to your target audience.

6. Allocate Resources to Your Blog:

You must consider all resources to make your content marketing effective. For this, financial resources are not enough, you may need human resources also. The resources may be external or internal. These including, inclusion of designs in your content, formatting and photography, editorials for making sure that your content is delivering the right purpose. Use grammar checking softwares for removing any unintentional grammatical mistakes and for technical issues as well.

7. Track Content Marketing Results:

Not the blog is enough for content marketing. You must check out your plan, whether it is working properly or not. Integrate social media in it, or get some search engine optimization services. After that, you can leave the rest of the content marketing process on it.

Thus, blog marketing content may be difficult to some extent, but once you have done with it, the prosperous results will come to you. Startups may take help in making the foundation of your content marketing, and will definitely beneficial in the long run of the company.

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