07 Tips for Getting Started on
a Web Design Project

Web site design projects need a constant learning and development for going into the faster way. First of all, goal identification is mandatory to learn. Then comes sitemap, scope definition, content creation, Wire frame creation, UI design and testing the web site, all are the important elements in the web design process. So, before learning or starting on a new project of web design services in pakistan, the thing to keep in mind is some tips.

If you have your game plan ready for making a web site. This article is going to point you in the right direction.

1. Manage The Expectations Of The Client:

For this, first of all, you must be aware of all needs of the client. Yours projects will be successful, only if it meets the client’s requirements fully. It is really worse to hear, especially in the between of project that you are not fulfilling your client’s needs.

So, a list of questions has been made that will be definitely helpful for you for your initial communication with the client.

  1. What they want to get with that Web site?

  2. How this website will be helpful for their business?

  3. How they measure the success of their website?

  4. To what extent, this website is essential for their business. Like, do they just want to give information to their clients, do they want to extend their brand or is this a side project?

  5. What type of audience, they want to cover?

Attach the answer of these questions with the contract of the project. Not a lengthy process. But, will save the future pop ups of queries.

2. Know About Their Defined Goal:

Seems correlated with the first one. Obviously, it is important to know the ultimate goal of any website, if you want the best web design services. Also, it should be defined, measured and achievable to you and your client. The good example of the words used may be:

  • Clearly defined means, you are aware of the purpose of the website completely.
  • Measurable means, you are known that how much sales etc, it will bring to the business. While,
  • Achievable means, it must bring out sales, in a month.

And, the most important among all is knowing the main goal.

3. Think Audience First, and Solve a Specific Problem:

Goals are for the purpose of knowing, what your client wants from you. But, a successful website has must a point of problem solving of audience of the website. The audience will stay on your website, if they find their problem solving on your platform.

For Example, This website is offering all Mobile accessories to people. Now, the line is clearly showing the message and the goal of the website. And so, one can convert their visitors to customers, because of creating a user experience and the navigations, by focusing on the audience requirements.

4. Beautify Your Website With Quality Content:

The famous saying of John Maeda is, “Spray-on your design with content”.

Content is king. Presentation of good content is essential, for the website beauty. One must be sharp enough to think that, content is the ultimate way of getting sales, these days. As, it drives engagement and then, that engagement drives action.

A good design with a quality content is the showcase of the website. An example is, if you are creating an e-commerce website. Furthermore, it must be written in a noticeable way, and according to the designs.

5. Value Web Standards:

Learn to respect your user’s standards. Your website is not said to be successful, if your user has to learn a new language, for navigating your website. It must be easy enough for them to understand. And, this can be done, only by implementing and taking care of web standards.

Like, if you take an example of an e-commerce website, you will find a cart module in the upper right corner. It is not done, because of making a pretty look, but for making it easy for the people to find the shopping cart, or to make it prominent. Also, you have seen the contacts on the top right of the screen and there are many more examples like this, that make you clear the importance of clarity and prominence.

6. Keep Navigation Simple:

The principle to follow, again. The companies that provide best web design services, always suggest that the navigation of your website must be easy. If your user fails to navigate easily, you failed to achieve your website goal. It is best only, when only a little amount of information is required for navigating to the point A to the point B.

Facilitate your users with what they want to get, means half the battle won. Make their journey on your website, easy way of their problems. For making things easier, acknowledgment of web site navigation practices, is a must needed thing. For an optimized user experience, use the basic patterns of a website effectively.

7. Don’t Avoid The Importance Of Typography:

Now-a-days, many companies that are providing web design services in Pakistan, focused heavily on the importance of fonts. Remember, we are not talking about just to work on your visual aspects of the website, and then add some typography or fonts to already finished designs. A great typography must work on all devices. It must be a design tool on itself, rather than a design element.

Only the use of perfect fonts, colors and spacing can give the look to the website page and work on both mobile and desktop.

Other than it, there is much more, not only to learn, but for making your website successful. So, follow these website designs, and get started with your new project. For the further advancements, it is good to write down all the key points, and then send them to your client as a “Complimentary Meeting Minutes” as a follow-up email.

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